1. What's your full name?

Brennan W. Fournier

2. One thing most people don't know about


I love to cook.

3. Life or death situation, pick your favourite film?

That’s always changing…but I know I could always rely

on The Lion King.

4. Where does your inspiration come from? 

​Inspiration comes from everywhere. It is always around

us. You must just be prepared and open to receive it.  

5. If you could do anything right now, what would it be?

Travel the world while doing what I love. 

6. Favourite meal? 

Home-cooked experiments!

(As long as they turn out well)

7. Favourite genre of music? 

I’m kind of a music buff, and

I respect most genres, but if I

had to pick a specific genre, it

would definitely be a folk/rock type.

8. If you could work with anyone in

the world, who would it be? 

Andrew Kramer. A lot of visual effects

artists in not only just my generation,

owe a great deal to this gentleman. 

9. Film or digital?

I agree with Ryan and Alex. Digital

at the same time, gives me so much

more room to play. That being said, nothing

really beats the look of proper film.

10. Red or blue pill? 

Definitely Red. Aren't you sick of

the boring blue world they've created?

11. Where can you be found on the 

inter web machine? 




Born and raised in Northern Ontario, Brennan strives to connect his ideas with human experiences. Pairing a strong technical ability with a charming creative approach allows Brennan to deliver and thoughtfully portray an idea through the use of visuals, music, sound, and colour.

Brennan Fournier

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