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Our Services
Corporate Video Production

We don't do boring — our belief is that story telling is the cornerstone of any video production and a necessary element in all promotional content. If you are looking for a production team to prop you in front of a green screen at the cost of an arm and a leg—you have come to the wrong place.  We look to provide quality and expertise at an affordable price regardless of the nature of your project.

Kickstarters and Crowd-funding

Crowd-funding has become a common resource for product promotion and start-up businesses but it can be nearly impossible to achieve fundraising goals without strong video content. Indigo7Productions has a proven track record of  success when it comes to Kickstarter and other forms of crowd funding  and we want to add your business to our success stories!

Fictional Video Production

Whether it be a music video, a web-series, a short or feature film, we want to help.  If there is a fictional concept you are looking to breath life into then you can trust our award winning crew will bring your project to fruition.  We love the fictional side of film and it is our pleasure to bring the same passion our clients bring to their production.


Our skilled in-house photographers specialize in both corporate and fashion photography.  Our photography will compliment the tone and direction of our client's project as well as provide experience and an artistic eye.

Doing What We Love
To put it simply — we are individuals that love video production.  We pride ourselves on bringing a cinematic eye to your project while prioritizing your business goals.  
Video production can often be overwhelming but we make the process simple. 

Pre-Production - Meet with our team members in a free consultation to receive a quote and an opportunity to discuss your vision as well as business objectives. 

Production - Our producers ensure the production runs smoothly while the creative team brings quality and artistry to your video. 

Post-Production - Our highly skilled team of editors provide colour correction and music to tailor the video to a style that meets your goals.

During these steps, we believe communication is key and we have made it our top priority that our clients understand exactly what is happening at every stage of production.

Our Clients